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Human Behaviour-Change Project Webinar Series

By HBCP Team

Publication Date: 15/05/2023

Image credit: HBCP Team

The Human Behaviour-Change Project finishes its Wellcome Trust-funded work in May 2023, and we mark it with a Webinar Series to present highlights of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evidence identification, extraction and integration, and behavioural prediction, with the aim of advancing the field of behavioural science. 

The final webinar will introduce the next collaborative research programme, discovering how to optimise a hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence for knowledge use (funding permitting).

The webinar series runs between the 8th March to the 31st May 2023. We will ensure plenty of interaction both in the sessions and on a discussion board – we hope you can join us!

View the Eventbrite collection and sign up here:

Watch all previous webinar recordings here:

View the presentations slides here:

With best wishes, 

Susan Michie on behalf of the Human Behaviour-Change Project Team

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